I am a Travel Business Owner & Travel Advisor

I absolutely love traveling; the sites, the sounds, even the lines at the airport, because I know my end destination is going to be somewhere awesome - somewhere I can relax, somewhere I'll find something exciting, somewhere, where I can just hangout and have fun.

As your Travel Advisor, I am dedicated to providing you with excellent travel & customer care services.

I have partnerships and inside accesses to some of the most noted tour operators, travel companies, and destination accommodations within the industry.

My business is to help you make and book travel plans, by designing personalized travel itineraries for your desired destinations, celebrations, activities and events.

Personalization of your trip is based on the results I receive from either a personal travel conversation with you, or your completion of my Travel Quote Request Form.

Group travel itineraries are based on the group leaders travel conversation or responses submitted on the Quote Request Form.

My travel proposals are delivered to you electronically by either email, text, or QR code.

Clients wanting proposals delivered by postal mail must indicate this at the time of their Quote Request submission.

(Please Note** postal mail is not recommended, as travel cost change frequently and a quoted price may expire by the time the postal mail has arrived.)

In conjunction with my travel proposals, I will send you options on purchasing Travel Protection provided by either the travel vendor, or a Travel Protection issuer of record who has substantial business history in providing such coverage.

All clients are advised to purchase Travel Protection; however, no client will be refused for rejecting Travel Protection.

Once you accept & approve a proposal

my job is to book the reservations for your transportation, lodging, in-destination transfers, activities, entertainment, tours and excursions as applicable to the proposal you have approved and accepted.

If applicable to your destination, I will also provide passport and visa requirements for the region, current rate of exchange for the regions currency, import duties if available, and information on safety, health hazards, restrictions, and health requirements.

Travel is Life

and it's my goal to put some

"Life" in your travel